Writing an Amazing Amazon Plan of Action (POA)

Amazon Plan of Action

So, your Amazon seller account has been suspended and you are faced with the daunting process of getting it reinstated. By now you may have also come to the realization that the Amazon appeals and reinstatement process is neither intuitive nor straightforward and you are confronted with a long, cryptic email from Amazon explaining they need additional information and/or supporting documents from you in order to reinstate the account. If you find yourself in this scenario, you will need to submit a Plan of Action along with your Amazon appeal, preferably within 48-72 hours of receiving your suspension notice. You can always contact us in order to get help!
The Plan of Action, or “POA,” is arguably the most essential part of your reinstatement file and should therefore be executed thoughtfully. Before getting started, however, it is important to understand what an Amazon Plan of Action is and what Amazon is looking for when reviewing it. 

An Amazon Plan of Action or Amazon POA is a detailed proposal where the seller can acknowledge and rectify their suspension issue by answering three basic questions: 

  1. What did I do wrong to cause my account suspension?
  2. What immediate actions did I take to resolve the issue?
  3. What actions will I take to prevent similar issues in the future?
The principle is simple, and your Amazon POA should embody that, but execution is anything but a walk in the park. It is easy to get swept up in the emotions of your suspension and anxiety of getting your account reinstated, but your mission in this document is to answer these three questions as clearly and succinctly as possible.  

Now, let’s talk strategy. Because every suspension and appeal are different (and therefore no plug and play template can be utilized), your POA must be tailored to your specific case and the severity of your offense. Amazon takes every suspension seriously regardless of the issue and wants to ensure that you take the same pride in upholding all of their seller values. Before putting pen to paper on your POA, take time to reflect on your seller account and the issue at hand. As you draft your POA, be sure to keep the following things in mind: 

  1. Be Succinct. Save the long sagas (and venting sessions!) for seller forums or facebook posts. The most effective Amazon POAs will be concise and to the point. Furthermore, the best formatting approach to an appeal would include an introductory paragraph, three bullet points in the body and a conclusion to wrap things up. 
  2. Don’t Play the Victim. It is easy to feel frustrated and angry that your account was suspended. Pointing fingers, criticizing Amazon policies or blaming buyers, however, will only hurt your case. Amazon wants to know what you did wrong and how you will fix it. After all, Amazon’s mission is to be the “Earth’s most customer-centric company.” 
  3. Know the Policy. It is important for Amazon’s performance and policy team to recognize that you have a solid understanding of FBA seller policies and demonstrate your willingness to adhere to them. Before drafting your POA, make sure that you have comprehensive knowledge of any policies that you may have violated and a process in place to avoid these same violations in the future. Despite the ambiguity of suspension notices themselves, Amazon generally does a good job of publicizing its seller rules and policies, so make sure you google around and search forums to pinpoint the exact policy you will need to address.
  4. Stick to the Facts. Avoid backstories or excuses when drafting your POA. Keep your narrative focused on addressing the root cause, your plan to fix it, and steps to avoid it in the future. Language this is off topic or not germane to your suspension will not only be ineffective at helping your reinstatement case, but may also risk frustrating the Amazon Seller Performance team member who is reviewing your appeal or else make them think that you fundamentally misunderstand the Amazon selling (and reinstatement) processes.
  5. Support your Claim. Supplier relationship documents, invoices, and related ancillary documents are all important to submit along with your POA to further support your claim. Make sure you provide any supporting documents requested by Amazon, but do not be afraid to “over-provide.”  For example, if your account is suspended for being related to another Amazon account and Amazon has requested proof of your address, you should feel free to provide an identification document (e.g., driver’s license or passport) that lists the address, but you can also provide a utility bill, bank account, or even an affidavit of residence to make sure you are giving Amazon everything they need to bolster your reinstatement chances.  With respect to these supporting documents, details are critical, so always double-check to make sure you are submitting the correct documentation, that the documents are current (i.e., that your passport or driver’s license has not expired), and that all of the information matches what is in your seller profile.

Most importantly, remember that each Amazon POA is unique. Take your time, understand the root cause of your issue, do your research, and create a POA that is best suited for your specific suspension. If you get stuck or have questions, Appeal Wizards are always here to help.


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