Testimonial #1: Kristen Ginesta

In this interview, we talk with Kristen Ginesta about her start with Amazon and her history with growing her marketplace. She describes a scary instance where Amazon suspended her seller account and held her funds. After trying numerous services to get reinstated, she turned to Appeal Wizards, where we were successfully able to get her account reinstated within a week!

Testimonial #2: Camron James

In this interview, we chat with Camron James regarding his history with Amazon, and his experience with being successfully reinstated to the Seller Central Marketplace through Appeal Wizards. You can see more about Camron on his Youtube channel here!

Testimonial #3: Dwayne Glenn

In this interview, we chat with Dwayne Glenn regarding his suspensions and issues on the Amazon Seller Central Marketplace and how we were able to get them resolved!