The Seller Account Verification Process: A great guide for sellers!



Activating a New Amazon Seller Account – 3 Tips for Successful Verification 

Amazon Seller Account Verification can be a potentially tricky task to pull off, but we are here to help! Amazon takes pride in its customer service and counts on the Amazon Sellers to deliver on this core value. As a result, Amazon ensures every Amazon Seller is properly vetted before granting them the ability to sell on the platform through what is known as the Amazon Seller Account verification process. While the purpose of this process is clear, the steps to complete it are (deceivingly) not, and one small misstep can turn this task into a tedious and frustrating nightmare.

If this is your first time activating a new Amazon Seller Central account, do not rush! We get it – you’ve read the manuals, bought the inventory, and are ready to sprint towards selling. But it is extremely important to take your time and ensure that you’ve entered all of the information correctly – one small mistake can prove to create a world of problems. 

The most common, and unfortunately most costly, problem that stems from a hurried activation process is an immediate Amazon Seller Account suspension

Consider these tips below to minimize the risk of a suspension and ensure you stay on track towards your goal of becoming a top Amazon Seller

  1. First, make sure you have the required documentation to avoid any delays. Amazon requires all sellers to provide bank account number and bank routing numbers, a chargeable credit card, government issued Identification in the form of a driver’s license or passport, tax information for your new business and a valid phone number. If you don’t have this, wait until you do! If you can’t afford to wait, considering reaching out to an Amazon Seller consultant – we’ve found success using a few unique strategies and can give you our honest feedback on best steps forward.
  2. Second, go through your available documents and ensure the addresses on all of your documents align and that they create a traceable connection between your business and the documents that you have available. Any variation in documentation will lead to an immediate deactivation of your Amazon Seller Central account.
  3. Third, pay special attention to the address used for all verification documentation. This is where many new Amazon Sellers make their first mistake. When you register your Amazon Seller Account address you are bound to that address for all verification documentation. Your activation documents such as a credit card statement or utility bill will be required to directly match the registered address, regardless if this is a personal or business Amazon Seller account. 

If you keep these three tips in mind as you complete the Amazon Seller Account activation process you should be on your way to selling in no time. If you want to guarantee you don’t make any costly mistakes that could lead to a deactivation, feel free to reach out to us here to learn about our Activation and Verification service. If you wish you had read this article before and already did provide conflicting information that led to a suspension, don’t worry – we can help you resolve that as well. 

Keeping your business paperwork organized is a habit that should be practiced long after the account verification stage. We encourage you to learn more about why it important to always have all relevant invoices, permissions, shipments, etc. easily accessible in order to mitigate the risk of any future account suspension. You can read more on Amazon’s Seller Central website!

Contact us as Appeal Wizards with any questions, and good luck selling!


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