Online/Retail Arbitrage on Amazon

Amazon online arbitrage (OA) is when people or businesses buy products from an online platform at a lower price to resell them on Amazon for a profit. This method takes advantage of price differences between online marketplaces, often using sales, discounts, or clearance items to find cheaper products. Sellers then list these items on Amazon at a higher price to meet demand and make money.

Many new Amazon sellers start with the online/retail arbitrage model. It’s a practical way to earn extra income, especially for those who can’t invest heavily in wholesale products or don’t have the space to store large quantities of items.


The Benefits

  • High profits: Leveraging price discrepancies
  • Low initial investment: Minimal upfront costs
  • Flexible work schedule: Work from anywhere
  • Scalability: Growth potential
  • Diverse product selection: Access to various niches


The Risks

  • High competition: Crowded marketplace
  • Risk of Amazon account suspension: You must adhere to Amazon’s policies to make OA work.
  • Market fluctuations: Rapid changes in trends
  • Time-intensive research: Extensive analysis is required
  • Frustrating price wars: Potential for reduced margins


Online arbitrage requires careful research, monitoring of market trends, and strategic pricing to ensure profitability. It’s a legitimate business model, but if you want to be successful with it, you must adhere to Amazon’s policies and guidelines. It’s essential to understand that while Amazon permits online arbitrage, sellers must adhere to specific guidelines and policies to maintain a positive relationship with the platform. This includes requirements related to product authenticity, intellectual property, fulfillment methods, customer service standards, and more. Failure to meet these requirements can make online arbitrage challenging and frustrating. Take the time to understand Amazon’s terms of service and stay updated on their policies to avoid potential account or ASIN deactivations. 


Documentation is key: valid, detailed invoices or receipts are necessary, especially to submit to Amazon if your product or account is suspended. While you navigate the online arbitrage business model, take the initiative to to ensure that your products are authentic and you have the paperwork to prove such.


Making sure online arbitrage is done correctly on Amazon

Online arbitrage on Amazon can be lucrative. Here are essential steps to navigate the process successfully:

  1. Research and uncover profitable products: Research product niches and categories with high demand and low competition. Leverage tools such as Keepa to analyze price histories and identify products with potential for profit margins.
  2. Source products from reliable suppliers: Identify reliable suppliers and sources for purchasing products at discounted prices. Unfortunately we’ve seen lots of sellers make Ensure that the products you source meet Amazon’s quality standards and guidelines. Developing relationships with suppliers will be advantageous for the future of your business.
  3. Analyze profit margins and calculate costs: Evaluate the profitability of each potential product by considering factors such as purchase price, shipping costs, Amazon fees, and potential selling price. Use spreadsheets or accounting software to calculate your profit margins accurately.
  4. List your products on Amazon: Create product listings (or choose the correct existing one) on Amazon, ensuring that you provide accurate and compelling product descriptions, images, and pricing. Optimize your listings with keywords to improve visibility.
  5. Fulfill orders and manage inventory: Once your products are listed, manage your inventory effectively to avoid stockouts/overstocking and determine if FBA or FBM makes more sense for your business. 


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