Has your Amazon account been deactivated in error?

We have taken this measure on your account as we believe that your account or other related accounts operated by you may be used for deceptive or fraudulent, or illegal activity.


Has your account been deactivated in error?

If you believe your account has been deactivated in error, you can reach out to …


Amazon has been issuing numerous warnings to sellers, resulting in withheld funds, suspended ASINs, and even deactivated accounts.

The concern among sellers is significant, and Amazon’s actions are stringent.

Do you believe your account was deactivated in error? Have you appealed, but Amazon has yet to reactivate your account?


Here at Appeal Wizards, we take pride in the work we do. We reactivate accounts, we reactivate listings, we help sellers get their money back. The process isn’t always easy, and sometimes it’s much longer than any of us would like it to be, but we’re here for you. Our goal is to get your account back up and running as soon as possible!

Learn why Appeal Wizards is highly recommended:


  1. Expertise and Experience: Founded by individuals who have personally navigated the complexities of Amazon’s appeal process, Appeal Wizards leverages significant insider knowledge and experience. Our team includes former Amazon employees and policy experts who understand the intricacies of Amazon’s operations and what the Seller Performance Team looks for in appeals.
  2. Customized and Comprehensive Service: Appeal Wizards offers a tailored approach to each case. We handle every step of the appeal process, from initial account review to drafting a detailed plan of action and managing correspondence with Amazon. This ensures that appeals are thoroughly and strategically crafted to maximize the chances of reinstatement.
  3. High Success Rate and Positive Reviews: Appeal Wizards has a top-rated service with numerous positive reviews from clients. We are known for their high success rate in reinstating suspended accounts, which is reflected in their excellent customer feedback and trust scores on platforms like Trustpilot.
  4. Full Support and Fast Turnaround: Clients receive continuous support throughout the appeal process. Appeal Wizards is known for our quick response times and dedicated case managers who ensure that clients are kept informed and that their appeals progress smoothly.
  5. No Outsourcing: All appeal drafting and case management are handled in-house by our team of experts, ensuring consistency and high quality in our services.


Appeal Wizards stands out due to our expertise, personalized service, high success rate, and strong customer support, making us a reliable choice for Amazon sellers needing assistance with account reinstatements.

We have encountered numerous cases involving these warnings and can assure you that if there is a way to reactivate your account, we will guide you through the process to achieve it.


If you’re interested in learning how we can help you navigate your appeals journey, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us: [email protected]


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