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An ASIN Suspension can be a scary thing for sellers on Amazon. Blocked listings can have a devastating effect on Amazon sellers, both in terms of lost revenue and risk of account deactivation.  In fact, our research has shown that Amazon seller accounts with blocked listings are more than ten times as likely to be deactivated compared to accounts without any ASIN suspensions. Correctly handling your Amazon appeal the first time is the best way to quickly get your ASIN reinstated and products unblocked, and to avoid lost profits and reputational harm.
An ASIN suspension can be particularly difficult to counteract because Amazon often gives vague (and even inconsistent) reasons for blocking listings. Submitting an ineffective or poorly drafted appeal can make matters worse, as Amazon will often only review your first appeal or, worse yet, suspend your account altogether if your appeal does not correctly address the issues. Feel free to contact us here!


ASIN Suspensions: Our Unique Approach

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Our team of Case Managers and Amazon Policy Pros provide a strategic, sophisticated approach to ASIN reinstatements. Using a targeted, customized approach, we will draft your bespoke appeal package (including your appeal letter, plan of action, and all correspondence with Amazon) and guide you through every aspect of the reinstatement process.

Our Qualifications

Our team has been writing appeals since 2014 and are experts in the Amazon appeals process. We get results because we understand Amazon’s internal processes. We know the ins and outs of what Amazon is looking for in an appeal and how the Amazon Performance Team thinks and operates. 
Our mission is to get you back to selling on Amazon as fast as possible. Our 100% positive review rate speaks for itself. When you sign up to work with us, you are assigned a Case Manager who will handle your reinstatement and work closely with you along every step of the way. Our broader team of Case Managers and Amazon Policy Professionals ensures we leave no stone unturned. This sophisticated task force approach optimizes both success and efficiency, as it allows us to allocate our expertise to you in the quickest and most streamlined way possible. Most importantly for you, it means one thing: minimizing stress and maximizing reinstatement outcomes

Our Appeal Process

We Handle Every Step of Your Appeal

We review your account and gather information needed to put together your appeal package.
We draft your entire appeal, create your plan of action, and manage all correspondence with Amazon.
You get back to selling and running your Amazon business!
Appeal Wizards Team

No Outsourcing

Our in-house Case Managers and Amazon policy pros draft every appeal.

Appeal Wizards Strategy

Tailored Approach

Every appeal is customized to your particular issue and seller profile.

Appeal Wizards

Full Support

We are here according to *your* needs with 24-hour turnaround times available!

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100% Positive Review Rate

We are the top rated Amazon Appeals service with a perfect review rate.

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