Appeal Wizards FAQ

Appeal Wizards FAQ: What is the timeline for the reinstatement process?

The timeline truly depends on the particular case’s circumstance. For example, does the seller have all the right documentation? Is this the seller’s first suspension? Has the seller written multiple appeals for this suspension recently? Any time a company is guaranteeing a timeline for success, especially without diving deeply into the Seller Account and the communications between Amazon first, you should be suspicious. If we are set up for success with the case, it’s fair to estimate the process to be roughly 2 weeks. Generally speaking, Amazon takes anywhere from 1 to 5 days to respond to formal appeals, and many times we will be submitting more than 1 appeal on behalf of the client. While we do have escalation methods to expedite this process, we must use our discretion given the history of the case, understanding there is still a human element involved in getting a case reinstated.

Appeal Wizards FAQ: Will you keep me informed of the process? 

Absolutely. It’s one of the areas we take most pride in. The cases that are most likely to succeed involve a close partnership between the seller and the case manager, who will be your point of contact throughout our appeal process. Our case managers will always propose the best path forward but seek your approval before taking that action. If the case manager uncovers any new information about your case through research or interfacing with Amazon, he or she will always proactively inform you of any new detail or strategy that arises. We understand you are outsourcing help to solve one of the biggest challenges your business faces, and we know keeping you up to date with progress is crucial to an exceptional experience.

Appeal Wizards FAQ: Can you guarantee my account/ASIN will be reinstated?

Similar to making guarantees around timeline, guaranteeing an account or ASIN can be reinstated is simply not possible (and any competitors who do are not being truthful). We will give you a fair estimate around the chance of success based on the details of your particular case. Because of the unknowns involved in cases as well as the uncontrollable elements, we price our service based on a contingency. We charge a portion of our fee upfront, but only accept the remaining price upon success. We do not make a profit until you successfully get reinstated, which ensures we have as much skin in the game as you do. If a company is guaranteeing your money back, I would be cautious. Most of these companies don’t invest upfront time in the case and appeal, so they can afford to send back their money if that first attempt is unsuccessful. The caveat is you will be waiting for weeks until it is agreed they were indeed unsuccessful, and you will waste precious time chasing that money back only to be left in the same situation as before.

Appeal Wizards FAQ: Do you help verify Seller Accounts?

Yes! Sellers very often run into verification issues during the account activation process, and we are here to help. As we have discussed in our blog, one simple mistake in the verification process can result in a suspension. For a competitive rate, we will set up your account for you, essentially removing all risks involved in this phase of the seller process.


Appeal Wizards FAQ: Do you specialize in ASIN and Account Suspensions?

Yes! We handle both ASIN specific issues as well as account suspensions (and ongoing account monitoring). 


Account suspension issues include: 

  • Performance notifications
  • Policy warnings
  • Intellectual property complaints (copyright, trademark, patent infringement)
  • Multiple seller accounts or related accounts
  • Inauthentic complaints 
  • Negative feedback 
  • Selling prohibited items 
  • Drop shipping
  • Selling policies and Seller Code of Conduct


ASIN issues include: 

  • Used item sold as new
  • Late shipping rate
  • Order defect rate 
  • Amazon catalog restrictions
  • Not as advertised
  • Product safety 
  • Listing errors
  • Item not as described 

Appeal Wizards FAQ: What types of documentation do I need?

We list helpful information on what you will need if you are suspended on this blog, but you will work with your case manager on what you need given your specific case. In general, you will need proof of permission to sell your products, identification information, and all previous communications you have had with Amazon around the particular issue at hand.

Appeal Wizards FAQ: Will you write the appeal for us?

Yes! Each appeal we write is tailored to your specific use-case. We will work with you based on how many appeals you have sent, how long you have been suspended, and the previous responses from Amazon to continue to iterate the appeals until we have produced a bulletproof document. We can promise you will be impressed by the caliber of appeals we create.

Appeal Wizards FAQ: What is your success rate?

It varies considerably by the type of suspension, but in general, we typically see an 80% success rate, and those that don’t succeed are mostly due to lack of documentation (such as the inability to produce proof of purchase or inventory supply).

Appeal Wizards FAQ: Why should I choose your service?

We are the best value in the appeals market! We offer a top-rated service and have an affordable price. What sets us apart from other service providers includes: 

  • Dedicated case manager – you’ll be assigned an Amazon expert who will be with you every step of the way 
  • Multiple tailored appeals – no templates, only customized top-of-the-line appeals 
  • Expert account analysis – our team will do a deep-dive into your account and provide ongoing recommendations to mitigate unforeseen suspension risks 
  • Contingency pricing – we charge full price only after we successfully reinstate your account/ASIN

Appeal Wizards FAQ: If I move forward with your team, what does the process look like?

Once you agree to our service, we will immediately introduce you to a case manager. They will request access into your account and spend time gathering information from you and Seller Central. They will then quickly prepare a tailored appeal. From there, they will advise you on the next steps, pending the first response from Amazon.

Appeal Wizards FAQ: I’d like to move forward with Appeal Wizards, what should I do now?

Click on our “Get Started” or “Contact Us” button and we will get back to you today!

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Amazon Account Reinstatement

Reinstating a deactivated account can be a daunting and lengthy process. And if your appeal is not done correctly, it can lead to a permanent blocking of your account with no further appeals. 

Amazon ASIN Reinstatement

Reinstating a suspended product listing can be as challenging as account suspensions, and just as detrimental, with the potential of lost profits and a full account deactivation. 

Amazon Account Monitoring

Monitoring your seller account is the best way to avoid blocked listings and an Amazon account suspension. We monitor your account to detect red flags before they lead to suspensions, and increase your sales efficiency.

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