Amazon Suspension 101: How to Get Your Account Back Fast

Believe it or not, an Amazon seller suspension can happen when you least expect it. That’s because Amazon holds its sellers to strict guidelines and policies.  As the internet’s leading provider of eCommerce goods, Amazon has experienced tremendous growth over the years. Whether it is the strict seller policies or convenience of the eCommerce platform, the company has grown to be a trillion-dollar business. 


While there’s something to say about how they handle their third-party accounts, the last thing you want to deal with is an account suspension. Unfortunately, it happens. Even the most diligent sellers have found themselves facing Amazon account suspensions. In many cases, this can be a total nightmare. 


As sellers struggle to get back on their feet, the effects of an account suspension can result in a significant financial loss. Fortunately, you can expedite the process when you follow the proper steps. In this article, we’ll discuss what happens when your Amazon seller account gets suspended and what you can do to reverse the suspension as quickly as possible. Let’s dive in!

Amazon Seller Account Suspensions: Now What?

Experiencing a few challenges is a natural part of running an Amazon business. Anyone who has worked in customer service knows that out-of-stock inventory and dissatisfied customers are difficult to avoid. When you do business online, negative reviews, shipping delays, and issues with refund requests only amplify these problems. 


While dealing with these issues is inevitable, they can lead to account suspensions for some sellers. Whether you knowingly violated an Amazon policy or not, account suspensions create a sense of panic, especially for those who sell on Amazon full-time. Seller account suspensions don’t just stop your ability to sell your products online. They also result in ongoing expenses as Amazon storage fees, supplier fees, and employee wages hang over sellers’ heads. 


The best thing you can do if your Amazon seller account gets suspended is to remain calm.  With the right plan of action, your suspension will be behind you. Amazon appeals experts can help you create an effective, well-crafted appeals package within 24 hours. However, there are a few steps you’ll need to take to ensure you get the best results. 

Pay Close Attention to the Details

While you may not even know what lead to your account suspension, there’s a good chance you can figure it out with some investigating. Amazon includes most of the information you’ll need to appeal your suspension in their suspension email effectively. So, take your time and read your suspension email carefully. This is where you’ll find the details you need to process your appeal. Pay close attention to information on the violated policies, documents required for reinstatement, and who to contact for an appeal. 

Understand the Reason for Your Amazon Suspension

Before you can file your appeal, you need to understand the reason for your suspension. Not only will this help you create a valuable action plan, but it will also help you avoid future suspensions. The leading causes of Amazon seller account suspensions include:



  • Poor seller performance


  • Improper customer communication


  • High late shipment rates


  • Policy violations


  • Inauthentic product complaints


  • Using copyrighted images and text


  • Selling restricted products


  • Creating multiple seller accounts


Once you’ve gathered your vital information and discovered why your account was suspended, it’s time to create your appeal package. 

How Do I Appeal an Amazon Suspension? 

Dealing with an Amazon seller account suspension is undoubtedly a stressful experience. Technically, suspensions are permanent. The good news is that the appeals process results in most suspensions being overturned. The bad news is that it takes time. 


Appeals can take anywhere from two to five weeks, depending on the severity of your suspension and the effectiveness of your action plan. Since Amazon will hold your funds until the issues are resolved, most sellers want to reverse their suspension as quickly as possible. The best way to get your suspension overturned is to submit a well-drafted, complete appeals package. 


Because Amazon account suspensions are so common, Amazon appeals experts are available to help sellers get back on their feet. Hiring a professional Amazon appeals company is the fastest way to get your suspension overturned. Still, you can submit an appeal on your own with the right strategy. 

What Steps Do I Need to Take to Submit an Amazon Appeal? 

The Amazon appeals process is a well-established process for users who feel that their account was unjustly suspended. Your best chance of success comes from constant and open communication with Amazon’s customer service team. Even if you have violated one of Amazon’s policies, the company understands that sellers are human and humans make mistakes. 


Here are the steps you can take to reinstate your account successfully:


  1. Act Fast


Once you receive your account suspension notice, you need to act fast. The appeals process takes time, and any account downtime will undoubtedly impact your business financially. 


  1. Create a Well-Written Plan of Action


The key to overturning your suspension is to provide Amazon with the correct information. The appeals team looks for three vital elements of an effective plan of action. In your appeals letter, let Amazon know that you:


  1. Understand why you were suspended. Provide details on why you think Amazon policies were violated. The more information you provide, the more likely you are to sway the outcome of your appeal.


  2. Plan to take action to rectify the issue and prevent further suspensions. Even if you accidentally violated a policy, it’s essential to take ownership of the mistake. Let Amazon know about the actions you’ve already taken to fix the problem. Explain the changes you’ve made to your operational policies to avoid a suspension in the future. The primary goal is to show Amazon that you realize you made a mistake and have taken actionable steps to create a solution. Additionally, they want to know that you won’t be a repeat offender in the future.


  3. Have evidence and proof to support what you state in your letter. Anyone can write a great appeals letter, but those with the evidence to support what they are saying are the most successful. Submit any evidence you have to strengthen your case. Include screenshots, emails, and supporting proof that you’ve learned your lesson. 

3. Stay in Touch



Once you’ve submitted your appeal, you need to follow up. Amazon is not proactive in updating sellers on the status of their appeals. Contact Amazon daily using the Account Health phone number you received in your email to check the status of your appeal. Representatives make notes every time you call. Persistence is vital and can be a great way to show Amazon you’re serious about selling. 

Avoid These Mistakes for Fast Reactivation on an Amazon Suspension

If you want to get the fastest results, there are some best practices you should follow. Before exploring the best practices for submitting an appeal, let’s talk about what not to do when appealing a suspension. 


  • Do not criticize Amazon. Remember that old saying, “you get more with honey than vinegar?” It undoubtedly pertains to appealing your Amazon suspension. With millions of potential customers readily available at your fingertips, selling on Amazon is a privilege. You need to remain in good standing with customer service. Criticizing Amazon for your mistake is not the way to do that.


  • Never threaten Amazon with legal action. While you might feel like you have a valid case, Amazon has the money and resources to squash almost all lawsuits that come their way. Threatening Amazon with legal action usually brings you nowhere, and it ruins your chances of ever selling on the platform again.


  • Don’t jump the chain of command. There is an appeals process for a reason, and most sellers do just fine with their suspension reversals by trusting the process. Going directly to upper management won’t just agitate the decision-makers. It will ruin your chances of an appeal. 

Best Practices for Submitting an Appeal

You’ve already gathered the critical information for overturning your appeal, but let’s end with some best practices you can follow to expedite the process:


  • Less is more. Be thorough in providing Amazon with the correct information in your appeal letter, but present that information in the most straightforward way. The reviews department gets tons of paperwork to sort through daily. The faster you can help them understand the problem and how you’ve fixed it, the better your chances of a quick appeal process.


  • Write in bullet points. This makes your appeal letter clear, organized, and easy to read.


  • Admit your mistakes, even if you didn’t make them on purpose. Taking ownership is the first step in fixing the problem.


  • Be patient and stay calm. Remember, appeals take time.

Talk to an Amazon Appeals Expert to Overturn Your Suspension ASAP!

With the right plan of action, you can get your account suspension lifted as quickly as possible. However, you need to prepare a strong case for the best chance of approval. Hiring a professional Amazon appeals expert is the best way to expedite the process and get the results you need. 


Our experts at Appeal Wizards have helped hundreds of sellers create an effective, well-crafted appeals package. Our knowledge, skills, and direct experience with the Amazon seller appeals process have helped hundreds of clients get the results they need fast. If your account is suspended, we’re here to help. Contact a dedicated Appeal Wizards team member to take the stress and uncertainty out of the Amazon appeals process and get your account back to selling as quickly as possible. 


For more information on what to expect with the Amazon appeals process, learn more here



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