A Team Built to Successfully Handle Amazon Appeals

Our Unique Approach

Our Mission is to Get You Back to Selling on Amazon as Fast as Possible 

We founded Appeal Wizards in 2019 after dealing with the complexities and frustrations of going through the Amazon appeal process with our own suspended seller accounts.  Having personally gone through the reinstatement process, we were surprised and disappointed by the lack of high-quality appeals services offering comprehensive advice on navigating the Amazon reinstatement landscape.  Some pitched themselves as being seasoned Amazon alumni or insiders, while others focused on legal expertise, but none seemed to offer straightforward, fast-tracked solutions on how to get reinstated quickly and easily.  Through our own journey to reinstatement, we recognized that a combination of experience and skill were crucial to successfully handling Amazon suspensions, and Appeal Wizards was born!  Using our network of contacts from Harvard and Columbia, we set out to build an efficient, sophisticated team of Amazon policy experts and lawyers who could simplify the path to reinstatement for Amazon sellers.  Our unique task-force approach enables us to approach each case in a targeted, though holistic, fashion, allowing us to deliver successful results for our clients in a short window of time.  With a 100%* success rate in 2019, we are confident our approach is working, and we are excited to work with the next generation of Amazon sellers to get them back to selling and keep on selling!

Our Track Record Reinforces Our Vision

A 100%* reinstatement rate in 2019 means RESULTS. When you sign up to work with us, you are assigned a three-person team to handle your reinstatement: (1) a Case Manager, (2) a Lawyer, and (3) an Amazon Policy Professional. This task force approach optimizes both success and efficiency, as it allows us to allocate our expertise to you in the quickest and most streamlined way possible. Most importantly for you, it means one thing: minimizing stress and uncertainty and maximizing reinstatement outcomes.

Case Managers that are Invested in Your Success

Your primary point of contact day-to-day, your case manager is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Case Managers track and maintain your case file, answer any questions you have, and ensure that your appeal is proceeding in line with the customized game plan drafted by your Amazon Policy Pro. With our Amazon appeal services, your Case Manager is specifically selected for you based on the needs of your particular suspension, meaning that you will have an individualized and knowledgeable point of contact from Day 1.

Amazon Policy Professionals with Years of Experience

Our Policy Pros bring a wealth of Amazon policy knowledge. Policy Pros are our resident Amazon consultant experts. At intake, they will create a customized game plan for you that strategizes factors such as identification of root causes, the correct Amazon Performance Team where your appeal should be submitted, and a bespoke timeline to reinstatement. Your Policy Pro will then continue to interface with you and the Amazon point persons throughout the appeal process, handling everything from drafting your correspondence emails to determining whether (and when) escalation might be required. Our Policy Pros are also abreast of all Amazon rules and regulations, helping to ensure smooth coordination between you and your Case Manager and Lawyer.

A Top Legal Team at Your Side

Unlike our competitors, every one of our appeals is individually drafted and reviewed by one of our in-house lawyers. Our lawyers graduated from some of the top law schools in the country and are experts in negotiating and advocating on behalf of suspended Amazon sellers. Your lawyer will draft not only your appeal and plan of action, but will also negotiate on your behalf directly with the Amazon Seller Performance Team if escalation is required.

Questions? We're here to help!