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Our experts can create your Amazon appeal package within 24 hours!


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As small-business owners ourselves, we understand the financial burden a suspension causes. Be it an account suspension or restricted ASIN, each day that passes without sales is another hit to the bottom line. Our clients are willing to incur that extra expense because they trust and expect us to solve their problem. While we (nor anyone else in this industry) can guarantee success, we’ll only take the second half of the payment upon completion of the job.

The appeal process is unfortunately extremely daunting to navigate yourself. My recommendation would be to hire Appeal Wizards immediately after your account is deactivated, don't waste time trying to figure it out on your own like I did.

I filed multiple appeals on my own and was hit with the dreaded "we may not respond any further" email. They indeed never answered and so after 6 months of trying on my own I decided to use Appeal Wizards. The process was simple. I provided the requested information to them, they drafted the appeal, and then told me where to send it. My account was reinstated only ONE WEEK after the first appeal was sent. Couldn't believe it!

Definitely incredibly thankful for the team at Appeal Wizards. They helped reinstate my account very quickly, and because of that I would gladly use them again if needed!

Douglas Young
December 1, 2020

Don't just take our word for it. Read what our satisfied clients have to say about what we've accomplished for them.

My amazon sellers account was down for over 6 months. I tried everything to work with Amazon to reinstate it and got nowhere. I finally reached out to Appeal Wizards and almost immediately the seller's account was back up. They are extremely professional and kept me updated always. I wish I would have contacted them on day 1.

Dec 11, 2020

Why Work With Us

Appeal Wizards did a fantastic job in getting our Amazon Seller Account reinstated. We were deactivated for being (wrongfully) associated with another seller account that we had no knowledge of, or even what the name of the other entity was. Edwin at Appeal Wizards made dozens of calls to Amazon Seller Performance on our behalf and was able to gather enough information for us to be able to understand where the confusion was in the Amazon system and address it effectively in our appeal. Once we did that we were promptly reinstated. I can't say enough good things about Appeal Wizards and the way they go to bat for their clients - and they were less expensive than other appeal consultants we had previously used to boot!

Jack Calhoun
January 27, 2021

Amber has a passion for helping small businesses thrive. She goes above and beyond to help her clients get back to where they need to be - selling on Amazon. Having developed a keen eye for policy nuance over the course of 10+ years as a civil and business paralegal, she has succeeded in tackling some of the most complicated Amazon issues, particularly those involving IP Infringement and Trademark Violations.


Meet Your Case Managers

Brianna knows that each case presents a unique challenge and is dedicated to working with clients to customize a solution.  Her unique strategy of building partnerships with Amazon has allowed her to develop a unique understanding of Amazon Seller issues, particularly violations involving the account.


Bobbie will work diligently to resolve your Amazon seller issues in English, French or Italian. With over twelve years as a paralegal, she understands complex processes and the value of tenacity and she is looking forward to analyzing your seller issue and working with you towards resolution.


Tiffany is a conscious and sensitive professional, working hard to use her case management skills to help those facing issues with their Amazon Seller accounts. She is an Amazon expert and has maintained a healthy record of successful Account Reinstatements. Our clients love Tiffany's trilingual capabilities and personalized, tailored solutions.


Corean’s experiences in service coordination and education have led her to develop a deep appreciation for the power of eloquent communication. With the understanding that being an Amazon Seller is a livelihood, not simply a hobby or business venture, Corean strives to get you back to selling!